Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Our Spring Season ends ......

We have now left Cape Tenaro for this year, it was a really excellent and exciting visit with several spectacular falls (migrant arrivals). Spring migration was well under way by the time we arrived (26th March) so an even earlier visit would surely be worthwhile in a future year. Over the next week or so I will update some of this year's earlier posts with additional photos and more details of the birds we saw (I was too busy birding to post full daily updates on several days !!); I'll also post a summary of our observations and of the raptor passage.

While our own season has now ended the team at the bird observatory on Antikythira, to the south-east of Cape Tenaro, are now up and running. If you want to follow their work for the rest of this spring migration season see here:

Antikythira as seen from Cape Tenaro - 4th April 2015



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