Saturday, 22 April 2017

A morning in the Evrota Delta

On our way to Cape Tenaro today we spent an enjoyable morning birding in the Evrota Delta. There were plenty of common migrants including 2,500 Swallow, 300 flava wagtails, 60 Wood Sand Piper and 28 Ruff. There was also an impressive flock of 180 migrant Glossy Ibis (one of the key features of the Natura 2000 site), a solitary Whiskered Tern , 2 Cattle Egrets and at least 3 pairs of Peduline Tits.

Glossy Ibis in the Evrota Delta, 22 April 2017, part of a flock of 180 birds

Cattle Egret, Evrota Delta, 22 April 2017

Penduline Tit, Evrota Delta22 April 2017


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