Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Oh how the wind blows .... and blows ......

Well despite some signs of early promise when 3 Marsh Harriers went north in half an hour (c.08.00hrs) and the Bee-eaters mentioned in the last post the rest of the day proved hard work. The wind was WNW pretty much all day Force 6 increasing 7 with gusts of 8 and so finding anywhere sheltered on the headland where a migrant bird might show itself proved a challenge. As a result nearly all species were down in numbers; perhaps surprisingly though the species total was similar to yesterday though we did only manage a single individual of 13 species.

There were however a few signs of movement, a Tawny Pipit came in-off at the lighthouse, the 5 Bee-eaters were clearly new, there were single Pied and Collared Flycatchers, the total of 161 Swallows was easily the best yet and 6 Redstarts was two up on yesterday and probably represented a genuine increase. While Wrynecks were down to 7 all of these were in or close to the southern most village (Kokinoghia) on the headland where we only had 1 or 2 yesterday so were probably also new in. Despite this it felt like really hard work and the forecast suggests it will only be a little bit easier tomorrow.

Wryneck near Kokinoghia


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