Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wrynecks and Nightingales

Well no sooner had I said the Wryneck passage was nothing special this year then we get a decent arrival. Today's total amounted to 18 birds seen, mostly in the gardens and olive groves of the northern half of the headland. Several of them out sunbathing on prominent perches and so performing very well. Our previous best counts were of 10 birds in a day on 24th April 2005 and 8th April 2008.

Along with the Wrynecks there was a small fall of other species, none especially abundant, totals for the day for species showing a noticeable increase included: 27 Nightingale, 9 Quail, 6 Woodchat Shrike, 14 Whitethroat and 17 Subalpine Warbler.

Other notable highlights today were 2 female Peregrines having a noisy stand-off over the lighthouse and a Black Redstart with only one leg at Paliros that seemed to be doing remarkably well in the windy weather. Late in the day there were two Spanish Sparrows near Marmari the first we've seen this year.

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