Monday, 28 March 2016

Champions of the Flyway - Helping Birds in Greece

At midnight tonight 16 teams of birdwatchers are competing in a bird race in southern Israel to see who can see the largest number of species in 24 hours.  Why does this matter? Well it is a sponsored event and the money raised is being given to the Hellenic Ornithological Society to help,them tackle illegal hunting and bird trapping in Greece. See this link for details of the problems and how the money will be used:

Illegal bird hunting is not confined to the Greek Islands, here on the Mani peninsula there is a long standing tradition of hunting Turtle Doves during the Spring migration. This hunting is illegal in Greece.
The population of Turtle Doves is in steep decline across Europe. Now is the time to act.

You can help by sponsoring one of the Champions of the Flyway teams and sponsoring them. It's easy see here:


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