Friday, 25 March 2016

The Evrota Delta - Is this Natura 2000 site at risk?

On our way to Cape Tenaro yesterday we spent an enjoyable enough morning at the Evrota Delta, a Natura 2000 site important for its population of migrant Gloosy Ibis and coastal sand dunes. The poor weather the previous night and during the day saw a good concentration of Swallows with over 700 feeding over the wetlands. There were also 5 Great White Egrets, at least 4 Marsh Harrier, a Hen Harrier, 2+ Penduline Tits and plenty of calling Water Rail (10+).

It was a shame however to see various development pressures nibbling away at the edges of this important wetland:

Rubbish dumping in an area once frequented by herons, egrets and waders

A solar panel farm constructed on an area of the wetland regularly used by Glossy Ibis in the past

An orange grove planted on an area of wet grassland formerly used by Glossy Ibis, egrets and herons

This pond was new a year ago however the site now has a caravan and other infrastructure, possibly associated with fish farming, in a previously undeveloped area of the Natura 200 site

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